As a Marine, Henry is accustomed to holding himself to the highest standards of integrity. It's time our local government did, too. No more conflicts of interest, playing it safe, or dressing up windows. It's time for straight talk and follow-through.


No more backdoor agreements. No more marathon council sessions. No more needless litigation. It's time for our local government to stop hiding the ball and start operating out in the open – in a way that people with busy lives can understand.


The Constitution begins, "We, the people" – not "We, the Government." It's time our local government accept that we residents know what's best for us, and to get serious about making us real partners in the political process.



No one should feel unsafe in his or her own community. As a former prosecutor, Henry knows what it takes to work with law enforcement to deter crime. As a former member of the Los Angeles Mayor's Office of Public Safety, Henry was responsible for millions of dollars in public safety and homeland security contracts, including programs to combat domestic violence and gang membership. He knows how to get and use public safety dollars to make our streets safe.



We are capable of achieving more than one ambitious goal at a time. As a member of the Whittier Consortium on Homelessness, Henry is committed to making Whittier a place where we can both feel safe and care for our fellow residents who have fallen into homelessness. Having worked with homeless and disabled veterans at a Skid Row nonprofit organization, Henry is ready to end homelessness in Whittier.



America is poised to take the greatest technological leap since the Industrial Revolution. To make sure Whittier can take advantage of this new economy, our local government has to be on the cutting edge, incentivizing new businesses to make Whittier home. Henry believes Whittierites deserve living – not minimum – wages. Henry will promote policies that bring sustainable business to our city.



Uptown Whittier is a regional gem, and Henry will fight to invest in making it a thriving center of commerce. It's time Uptown had a true advocate on the City Council who walks Uptown's streets on a daily basis. Henry is prepared to be that advocate. He lives in Uptown Whittier and is a member of the Friends of Uptown Whittier. If elected to the City Council, Henry will bring his passion for Uptown Whittier to the dais.