This I Believe

  • I believe that local government, more than any other level of government, can and should seek to increase and develop the happiness of its residents.
  • I believe that government must become more entrepreneurial, data-driven, and modern. “This is how it has always been done” should never be the only argument in support of a practice.
  • I believe that government must be “by, for, and through” the people.  Any top-down approach is bound to result in dissatisfaction by those governed.
  • I believe public service is a public trust and that mismanaging public funds is unacceptable.
  • I believe we must not lose sight of the fact that our system of government was designed to encourage compromise -- not total victory by any one political faction.
  • I believe we are at a crossroads in Whittier. We must commit to maintaining our identity and traditions while adapting to, and preparing for, changing circumstances.
  • I believe we are capable of achieving more than one ambitious goal at a time.
  • I believe that a great society cannot tolerate extreme poverty and homelessness.
  • I believe that it is our responsibility to give our children a better life.
  • I believe that there is more binding us together as a community of residents than separating us.
  • I believe that broad-based economic growth is our best solution to growing inequality and discontent
  • I believe that people deserve to feel safe in their community.
  • I believe we must be this change.