From Christina's Perspective


It was Henry’s commitment to public service, his family, and his community that first made me fall in love with him, and it is that same commitment that makes him the best candidate for District 2.

Henry is the man who still goes to his alma mater every year to motivate and speak to students on what it takes to succeed.

Henry is the man who moved to Boston for law school and immediately signed up to be a Big Brother through the Big Brother Big Sister program. He mentored his 9 year-old Little Brother, Richard, for three years by taking him on new experiences (canoe rides, NBA games, museums) and helping him with his school work. When Henry went to the Marine officer Basic School in Virginia, he brought Richard, his brother, and father to Washington, DC so they could experience the culture and history of our country’s capital.


Henry is the man who had his father, after being diagnosed with cancer, stay with him in Boston for months at a time while he attended law school.

Henry is the man who through his commitment to the public defender’s office, volunteer work with the Latinas Know Your Rights group, and active involvement in the school’s veterans group, was recognized for his service to the local community.

Henry is the man who takes off his sweater and gives it to a homeless man on a cold night while walking to Staples Center.

Henry is the man who gathered neighbors to go to City Hall to successfully advocate for a lighted crosswalk on Hadley to keep our children safe.

Henry is the man who, despite having a baby on the way and a father who was terminally ill, agreed to take a billet in Afghanistan in service to our country.

Henry is the man who pursued an MBA on weekends while representing homeless and disabled veterans on Skid Row, and then used that experience to found a nonprofit organization centered on using technology to remove barriers for disabled veterans.

Henry is the man who will follow through on his commitment to bring safety, transparency and accountability to the City of Whittier.

Henry is the change Whittier needs, and I will stand with him every step of the way.